3 Keys Services offers a fresh perspective on wealth building and entrepreneurship.

Transformation begins with people affecting communities and nations, who understand sound economic principals and entrepreneurship for the common good of society.

Many financial and business training focus on certain aspects of development but do not necessarily d eal with the root causes that will eventually destroy finances and businesses. 3 Keys will help you Plan for Success through understanding solid financial principles that result in Caused Success. Clients will learn sound stewardship principles in their personal and business life and receive coaching that will be impactful personally and the industry they are a part of.

More About Ray Jelinski

Ray Jelinski

Ray is the founder and steward of 3 Keys Services. Teacher, strategist, man of vision and foresight, Ray's greatest desire is to see people prosper. He teaches extensively on biblically based economics, entrepreneurship and wealth. He has conducted training in Canada and internationally.

Ray received business training certification through Nehemiah Projects International Ministries (NPIM) and was the licensed Canadian International Partner from 2013 to 2018. Ray continues to train and coach entrepreneurs and business owners.

Ray is the Dean of the Royal Commission Training Center (RCTC) equipping students in the 7 Mountains of Society. He along with his wife Karen, are part of the leadership of Lighthouse To All Nations in Regina, Saskatchewan. The vision is to equip students to fulfill their destiny and be effective in the marketplace. Ray and Karen have a son, Graham and daughter, Lauren. Both are successful in their careers. As a family, they enjoy travelling, spending time together and prospering in all areas of their lives.